"You have been a friend to me for many years and you are the best enabler with the best support system in my 30+ years in practice as a CPA and I will do anything that I can to repay the friendship".

Viva Hawkins, CPA Center, TX

HCA Client Accounting Software   

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What People are Saying

"For many Years, Howell Associates has provided solid write-up applications offering powerful reporting capabilities that accommodate the most Demanding write-up situations." ...Accounting Technology Magazine review of write up software.

Client Accounting Software

"I am now a retired CPA. I want you to know that I compared your product to Peachtree and QuickBooks pro. Your product is by far the best in so many ways. I pray for your continued success."

Les Perkins, CPA, Prospect, KY

Client Accounting Software

    HCA is designed specifically for Your Accounting Firm 

  • Chart of Accounts Template Packages for easy client set-up or duplicate over any existing client’s setup & COA
  • Detail General Ledger – Current Period and Year to Date
  • Print Regular and Working Trial Balances
  • Drill Down From Trail Balance Current & Year to Date Transactions
  • Find Current or Year to Date Transactions by Date, Reference or Amount
  • Print Individual or Combined Transaction Journals
  • Complete After the Fact Payroll Features
  • Predefine Payroll Entries for Employees and 1099’s
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Job Costing and non-profit entities
  • Add to Chart of Accounts, Employees, and Vendor Files on the Fly
  • Track vendor payments by month, quarter & year to date
  • Built in amortization programs
  • Interfaced bank reconciliation program
  • Optional Live Payroll and Check Writing
  • Import QuickBooks transactions with Quick Link
  • Flexible Accounting Periods (Supports up to 13 periods and Quarterly reports)
  • P & L with Direct Assignable Percentages and Departments 
  • Payroll Tax Reports – 941, 940, 944, 943, W2/W3, 1099/1096 & State 
  • Electronic filing available for W2’s/1099’s
  • Generated Payroll Tax Reports Print on Plain Paper (With Laser Forms Program)
  • Pre-printed forms ordered from Nelco can also be used
  • E-filing of W2/W3 and 1099/1096
  • Payroll and 1099 Summary Report (Current, Quarter & Year to Date)
  • Departmental Financial Statements 
  • Current & Prior Period Financial Reports 
  • Budgets and Comparative Reports
  • Month to Month P & L Comparative Spreadsheet Reports
  • Set up Auto Reports for each client 
  • Customize Report Names, Headings & Titles
  • Ability to print any reports to a PDF file
  • Password Protect Individual Clients
  • Text Editor for Disclaimer Letter & Client Invoice
  • Easily Edit Current and History Transactions
  • Windows fonts supported for customizing client’s reports
  • All Programs & Data stored locally